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Bill Clinton Believes Aliens Exist

Bill Clinton believes that Aliens really do exist. The former president appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and ended up discussing, among other things, extraterrestrial life. Clinton admitted that soon after becoming president, he had his aides research Area 51, the Nevada military facility, “to make sure there was no alien down there.” He was also interested in Roswell, N.M., the site of a reputed UFO sighting in 1947, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary during Clinton’s presidency. He said, "We know now we live in an ever-expanding universe. We know that there are billions of Read More

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U.K. Opens First Ever Bro’zilian Salon

The U.K. is introducing the male version of Brazilian hair removal, the Bro'zilian. The first ever male-only waxing salon was set up at Wembley Park last week, and offered men a 'Bro'zilian'. This comes after the revelation that half of men wish their partner was better groomed, but 41% refuse to get waxed themselves. A new survey reveals that a third of British men think women complain for no reason about the pain involved in getting a wax.  A quarter believe it would feel like a Chinese burn, 19 per cent equate it to a slap in the face and one in ten think it would only feel like a Read More

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JWoww Hates Being Pregnant

“Jersey Shore” star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley, is not happy about her pregnancy. Farley said she can’t stand what pregnancy has done to her body, despite being excited about being a mom for the first time. She told reports, "Pregnancy and me don't mix. I keep saying to myself, 'how can women enjoy this?!' I'm always on edge because every appointment I find something else that's crazy and unexpected." The reality star is expecting her first child, with fiancé Roger Mathews in July.   Read More

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This Or That: The Ultimate Easter Candy Ranking

On today’s show, Nina and Tom argued if chocolate or fruity candy was better for Easter. Fruity candy won and Tom was outraged! Below is the ultimate ranking for Easter candy from worst to best. What’s your favorite Easter candy? 17. Easter Kit Kat Bars 16. Jelly Belly Easter Candy Corn 14. Butterfinger Nest Eggs 13. Kraft Bunny Marshmallows 12. Wonka SweeTarts Chicks 11. Cadbury Creme Eggs 10. Russell Stover Marshmallow Chocolate Bunny   9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs   8. M&M’s Easter Egg   7. Snickers Egg   6. Dove Chocolate Easter Eggs   5. Crunch Chocolate Easter Read More

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Sugary Snacks May Stop Fights With Spouse

A quick candy bar may hold off more than hunger. It could prevent fights between husband and wives! Researchers say that's because low blood sugar can make spouses touchy. They studied 107 married couples for three weeks. Each night, they measured their levels of the blood sugar glucose and asked each participant to stick pins in a voodoo doll representing his or her spouse. That indicated levels of aggression. The researchers found that the lower the blood sugar levels, the more pins were pushed into the doll. In fact, people with the lowest scores pushed in twice as many pins as Read More

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Viagra Ice Cream Out In The U.K.

Forget pills...the U.K. is now introducing Viagra Ice Cream! This "arousal" blue colored treat is created by self-proclaimed "edible inventor" Charlie Harry Franis, who was asked to create a Viagra-laced ice cream for a party for one of his A-list celebrity clients, according to his blog, "Lick Me I'm Delicious." Each scoop of the champagne-flavored ice cream contains 25 mg of the well-known male enhancement drug which the same amount in the lowest dose of the drug. Francis told the Latin Times that while there aren't any plans to commercialize the flavor, he'd be happy to re-create Read More

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Scientists Believe They Can Bring Back A Mammoth

Scientists believe they have enough blood and bone to bring back a Mammoth, which hasn't been seen since the Ice Age! Its all due to a well-preserved Mammoth found in Siberia last summer which will give Scientists a high chance to clone the species. Revive and Restore, a nonprofit organization advocating "de-extinction," has identified 24 candidate species that could potentially be brought back. In other words, a menagerie of extinct species, like the one from Jurassic Park, is in reach. There are still some technical issues and Scientists still need to fully map the genome of the Read More

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Kate Upton Wishes For Smaller Breasts

Kate Upton spoke out to Britain's The Sun this past weekend telling them she wishes she had smaller breasts. "I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life, as I would love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini design," Upton told The Sun. "If I could just take them off like they were, you know, clip-ons.… But the grass is always greener, as they say." Upton is co-starring in “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in theaters April 25th.  Read More

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