Top 5 Holiday Movies That Aren’t Holiday Movies


That’s right, though it may not seem like a typical Christmas movie, this is the time of year we get to enjoy some of our favorite movies set around or during the holiday season, but have absolutely nothing to do with them at all. Here is a list of our favorite holiday movies that aren't holiday movies, Yippie Ki-Ay *&#@!! 5.  Trading Places “Say man when I was growing up, if we wanted to jacuzzi, we would fart in the tub”- Billy Ray Valentine It seemed like any time SNL cast ... [Read More]

Top 5 Christmas Comedies


The holiday season can add a lot of stress.  The pressures of finding the right gifts, dealing with the crowds in stores, spending all your money on other people.  Sometimes you need a good laugh to get you in the spirit. Here are our top five favorite Christmas Comedies. 5. Home Alone (1990) Some argue that this isn’t really a Christmas movie. But they are wrong. This movie is about as Christmas as egg nog and mistletoe. This movie made Macaulay Culkin the child star he would later ... [Read More]