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Melissa Susino is the Promotions and Content Assistant at Press Communications. Now going into her 3rd year, she has worked and gained experience behind the scenes on promotional events, filming in studio performances, and working on live broadcasts. She has also worked in the Television and Film industry including hit shows, "Sesame Street", “Dancing with the Stars”, “The Nate Berkus Show”, and CBS’s “The Talk”. Melissa currently resides in Howell.

Unmanned NASA-Contracted Rocket Explodes

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An unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded in midair early Tuesday evening, carrying roughly 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station. The rocket exploded about six seconds after launch in Virginia. The rocket and spacecraft which together cost more than $200 million, according to Frank Culbertson, the general manager of Orbital's Advanced Programs Group, are gone. No injuries were reported. Read More

Student Proposes To Girlfriend With Fireworks, Ends Up Setting College On Fire

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A student planned a romantic proposal for his girlfriend with fireworks but ended up burning down an entire college sports hall. Xiong Chien, 22, wanted to make his marriage proposal special so he planned to set off three large boxes of fireworks as he got down on one knee and popped the question to girlfriend Cong Yen, 22. Although she forgot about their date, he set them off anyway in the hope she would be curious about the commotion and go to have a look. According to reports, it took Read More

Papa John’s Introduces Fritos Chili Pizza

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Papa John's is introducing its newest creation, the Fritos Chili Pizza. The pizza chain describes the latest addition as a comforting fall dish containing beef, chili, Roma tomatoes, onion, cheddar, mozzarella, and Fritos corn chips. A large pie is $12 and will only be available for a limited time (through November 23). A company executive explained,  “At Papa John’s, we love offering our customers exciting pizzas that add some flavor to each season. It seemed like a no-brainer to Read More

Jessica Biel Pregnant With First Child

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Jessica Biel is reportedly pregnant with her first child with husband Justin Timberlake. A source told Radar Online, “Jessica is at least three months pregnant. And she’s due in April!” Another insider revealed, “Jessica has had tense times in the past when it comes to having a baby, so it is not surprising that she is staying mum on confirming the news publicly yet.” Jessica and Justin just celebrated their two-year anniversary on October 19th. Congratulations to the couple! Read More

Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Break Up

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Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have broken up. The news comes after season 18 Bachelor winner Ferrell unfollowed Galavis on Twitter and Facebook Sunday, Oct. 26, while sharing a cryptic and telling quote on her Instagram page. "Isn't it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren't even worth a second of it," Ferrell, 27, shared on her account, alongside the caption: "Nope not one single second." One source told Us Weekly that Read More

Wal-Mart Apologizes For ‘Fat girl’ Costumes

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Wal-Mart has apologized after the retail giant's site featured a Halloween category, titled "Fat Girl Costumes." The website listed a collection of costumes that you'd usually find on the site's plus-size women's section. "This never should have been on our site," Wal-Mart said in a statement. "It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again." Read More

Planes Without Windows Could Be In The Future

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Would you go on a plane that has no windows? UK developers are looking to remove windows in planes, which could reduce pressure and usage of fuselages, replacing them with smart screen panels. This would give passengers the option of actually viewing the outside of the aircraft from inside, but with the use of cameras. In addition to using the hi-definition screen to view the exterior, passengers could also view their email and surf the web. What do you think? Read More

Oprah’s SUV Runs Over Woman’s Toe In Miami

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A Florida woman was walking with her husband when Oprah Winfrey's SUV ran over her toe. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Lori Bender and her husband were heading over to Prime 112 in Miami when they saw a black Escalade with a swarm of people. The couple saw Oprah get into the SUV but as her driver turned the wheel to drive off, the driver accidentally ran over Bender's toe. Oprah then rushed out of the car to make sure she was ok and they took a photo together. Bender told reports Read More

Shakira Launching Toy Line With Fisher Price

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Shakira is teaming up with Fisher Price to launch her own toy line as well as a Web series for moms. The singer co-developed six products, including a bouncer that plays music, alphabet blocks, and a musical soccer ball. All of the proceeds will benefit her Barefoot Foundation, which provides education and nutrition to children in impoverished areas of her native Columbia. The 12-part Web series debuts on Monday and targets millennials. Some of the episodes will feature her Read More

Dark Chocolate May Help Memory Loss

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Good news for chocolate fans and just in time for Halloween, the New York Times is reporting that a new study found that an antioxidant in chocolate appears to improve some memory skills that people lose as they age. In the study, people ages 50 to 69 who drank a mixture in high cocoa flavanols for three months performed better on a memory test than people who drank a low-flavanol mixture. After the three month period, volunteers who started the study with a typical 60-year-old memory were Read More