The New Zoolander Teaser Trailer is Here!


Everyones favorite ultra-mega-supermodel is back! Check out the new teaser trailer for the Zoolander sequel...2oolander (Two-Lander, for all you models out there). I wonder how his school for ants is doing... ... [Read More]

Crazy Technology from The Ancient Past: VCR


The VCR, or Video Cassette Recorder, is one of those things that was never really great even in it's prime.  It had fuzzy video, wore down easily, ate your gigantic VHS tapes (which it turns out, stands for Video Home System) that had the only recording of Christmas 1994 and half a Friends episode taped on it.  If you think back, VCR's really where awful. Good riddance, I say.  It's no wonder these kids are amazed at how primitive and horrific the VCR seems today. ... [Read More]

10 Gifts for $25 or Less


It's that time of year again... gift giving time.  We all have too many gifts to buy and too little money with which to buy them.  In order to help you save some cash and still present a gift that is quirky yet thoughtful, we've compiled a list of 10 gifts you can buy for $25 or less! The 12 Days of Christmas is back on Fun 107.1! 12/13 thru 12/24, you could win one of the seasons hottest gifts just by listening for the Holiday Hit of the Day!  [ Click Here for Details ] Bacon Strips ... [Read More]

20 Kids Terrified By Santa Claus


Santa Clause.  A large, immortal, bearded man who lives in the snowy wastelands of the Arctic with an assortment of horned flying beasts and tiny mystical humanoids.  All year long he waits in his frozen lair, documenting everything your kids do with unseen eyes in order to pass his unquestioned judgement.  Once a year, in the dead of night, he lands on your roof and silently enters your house with a heavy burlap sack.  Is it any wonder these children are horrified? ... [Read More]

You Won’t Believe What Burt Reynolds Is Auctioning Off!


Burt Reynolds, who was once the most famous man on the planet, is auctioning off 600 of his most personal items through Julien's Auctions.   The 78 year old actor says he just can't find a place for all the wonderful stuff he owns, everything from old credit cards to his '78 "Bandit" Trans-Am.  Some are speculating that ol Burt is broke while others think he may have transcended the need for material possessions, but whatever the reason the fact remains that we can now all own a little piece ... [Read More]

Halloween Special: Top 5 Horror Movie Villains


#5 is from 2002's "The Ring".  No, not Samara Morgan (the films actual villain), but the video tape that is featured in the film.  The story goes that if a person watches the bizarre foreign art movie they  then get a jerky prank phone call and die 7 days later.  As a whole, the movie isn't all that great... but the haunted video is pure creep sauce.  Watch it and be weirded out. Leader of the Cenobites... I know that sounds like a delicious breakfast cereal, but it's actually a group of ... [Read More]

Robin Williams Dead of Apparent Suicide


Actor Robin Williams was found dead at his home on Monday morning.  According to the Marin county Sheriff's Office, the preliminary investigation reveals the cause of death to be suicide due to asphyxiation.  In a statement by Williams publicist, Mara Buxbaum, notes that Williams "has been battling severe depression of late". Williams wife, Susan Schneider, released the following statement earlier today to Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times. "This morning, I lost my husband and my best ... [Read More]

No More Naked Mondays = No More Nickelback


So Tom from the Pork Roll & Eggs morning show got in a little bit of trouble for getting naked in the Fun 107.1 studio on Monday.  Our General Manager, Rich, seemed to believe it was unsanitary and a liability nightmare for some reason, and Tom is no longer allowed to wear his birthday suit in the building. Tom's instructions were that he could do anything but curse or get naked, so Tom took a signed Nickelback CD display off our GM's office wall and awarded it to a listener (congrats, ... [Read More]

Everyday Heroes


Help us salute Everyday Heroes. Tell us know how your life has been effected by the strength and bravery of someone who has answered your call for help. ... [Read More]