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Tip of the Month

Stay cool this summer and save money. Follow these easy tips to save money on your utility bills this summer.

1: Make sure your cooling system has been tuned-up. Regular maintenance saves energy and money and ensures that your system lasts years longer. Plus, your chances of an untimely breakdown significantly decrease with regular maintenance.

2: Change or clean your air filters regularly, especially during high usage seasons like summer. Dirty filters cost you in overworked equipment, lower efficiencies and higher energy usage, as well as decreased indoor air quality.

3: Install a programmable thermostat (or start utilizing the one you have!). A programmable thermostat can be programmed to automatically turn up the temperature when you are away from home and resume preferred temperatures before you arrive back home, reducing your energy usage and saving you money, all while ensuring a comfortable home environment.

4: If you need to replace your cooling equipment, install Energy Star rated equipment. These higher efficiency systems will lower your energy usage while providing the same (or better) comfort. And with the money you save on your utility bills, you’ll experience a faster payback on your new equipment.

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Q&A’s – HVAC & Plumbing

Q:  What causes your air conditioning unit to frost over?

A: Air conditioners work by moving warm air over the cooling coil, also known as the evaporator coil. This process removes moisture from the air (which accumulates in the collector pan) and is key to maintaining a comfortable home environment in the summer.

If the air moves too slowly over the evaporator coils or if the refrigerant in your system is low, you run the risk of the coil developing frost and icing over. A frozen unit will not be able to cool your home properly.

A frozen unit can be the result of low refrigerant or a dirty filter or coils. You can help avoid these problems by scheduling annual maintenance and changing or cleaning your air filter on a regular basis. During a maintenance check-up your technician will clean dirty coils, check proper charge of refrigerant, and change or clean your filter ensuring proper airflow through your system. If you suspect that your refrigerant is low, this could be an indication that you have a leak. Contact A.J. Perri to check for proper refrigerant levels and leaks.

Q:  What should I do in case of a plumbing emergency, like water dripping from my ceiling?

A:  The first thing you should remember is that safety comes first. If there are any electrical appliances nearby, turn the electricity off at the main breaker. Then, turn off your main water shut off valve. It’s a must to know where this is before trouble hits! Did you know that a broken pipe or washing machine hose could flood your home with more than ten gallons of water a minute? Once the immediate water flow is stopped, call A.J. Perri to have a plumbing technician promptly sent to your home.

Q: Should I get my ducts cleaned?

A:  Cleaning your ducts offers homeowners many benefits including increased heating/cooling system efficiency, improved air quality, and a reduction in the dust in your home.

Duct cleaning includes the cleansing of various heating and cooling components of forced air systems including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grills and diffusers, heat exchangers and cooling coils, which improves your systems efficiency.

Whole house duct cleaning decreases the spread of contaminates, such as germs and bacteria, and is recommended by both doctors and allergists. Duct cleaning also helps remove dust in your home, making your home smell clean and fresh.

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