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At AJ Perri, we take energy efficiency seriously, and we are proud of the fact that so many of you do as well.  Many of our most frequently asked questions involve saving energy on heating and cooling your home.  While updating your older system to a more energy-efficient air conditioner is the best way to decrease your energy consumption, here are a few quick tips to make an impact today.

Adjust Your Thermostat and Definition of Comfort- The closer the temperature inside your home is to the temperature outdoors, the less energy you will use cooling your home.  Set your thermostat as high as you can and still feel comfortable.  You will adjust to the warmer temperatures and save energy at the same time.

Moderation is Key, Stick to It- It may be tempting to turn your thermostat off when you will be away and set it at a colder setting than normal to cool your home quickly when you return, but this will only cost you.  While we recommend setting your thermostat a few degrees higher while you are away, turning it off completely is counterproductive.  Heat is stored in your walls, floors and furniture and your system will need to work harder to remove this heat from your home.  Setting your thermostat too low will not cool your home any faster either, and will likely result in excessive cooling and wasted energy.

Avoid Adding Fuel to the Fire- Common sense tells us to avoid using heat producing appliances, such as dishwashers, ovens and clothes dryers, during the heat of the day in the summertime.  But did you know that where you are using heat-producing appliances is just as important as when?  Placing lamps or electronic devices such as TVs or DVDs near your thermostat may fool your system into thinking your home is hotter than it is, causing your system to work harder and longer than needed.

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Q&A’s – HVAC & Plumbing

Q: Why do I need to add an air cleaner or filter to my heating and cooling system, don’t they already filter the air?

A: Most heating and cooling systems are already equipped with a basic air filter. However, these filters are made to protect your equipment and are only capable of removing 3-5% of the particles that pass through it. These basic air filters were not designed to improve the quality of the air in your home. Without the addition of a Whole-Home Air Cleaner, your heating and cooling system will continue to circulate pollen, dust, pet hair and dander, dust mites, smoke, spores, bacteria and viruses into the air you and your family breathe.

Q: What is the difference between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner?

A: Despite the name, heat pumps are capable of both heating and cooling your home or business. Ranging from 13 to 19 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration), heat pumps are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating and cooling systems. During the hot, summer months, your heat pump will cool your home by removing heat from your home and are capable of greatly reducing the energy you consume to heat and cool your home. For assistance determining whether a heat pump is the best option for your home, please contact us today. We would be happy to help.

Q: Do I need to have my air conditioner tuned-up?

A: Absolutely! You can add up to five years to the life of your air conditioner by properly maintaining your system. A tune-up for your air conditioner is relatively inexpensive and will often cost you less than a night out or trip to the store, yet it has the potential to save you considerably on premature replacement or unnecessary repair fees. Contact us to schedule your tune-up or learn more about our annual maintenance plans, designed with your budget in mind.

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